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Bonjola's eSIMs for Paraguay are made for speed, security and reliability so you can get more out of your travel.

Without Bonjola eSIM

Suffer from lower mobile internet speeds.

Deal with surprise roaming charges.

Haggle with vendors and fuss over identification.

Figure out how to pop out your SIM card and change it each time.

Pay for data you don't use.

Contribute to more plastic SIM cards.

With Bonjola eSIM

Connect immediately to local services anywhere you go, worldwide.

Access local mobile internet speeds which are faster than roaming.

Save costs with affordable local rates. Say goodbye to unreasonable and surprise roaming charges.

Save time without having to swap out SIM cards.

Reduce waste - no more plastic SIM cards.

Pay only for the amount of data you need.

Get the Best eSIM for Paraguay

Bonjola eSIM

Paraguay Coverage

Paraguay Country-wide coverage at 4G/5G speeds.

Easy Setup

All it takes is 1 minute. Scan a QR code and you're set to use mobile data in Paraguay.

Connect Like A Local

Bonjola's eSIMs connect to local telecommunication infrastructure in Paraguay. This means you get access to internet like a local at local rates.

Real Human Support

Technology is simply leverage and you can also always speak directly with our team. Our skilled professionals go above and beyond on every matter.

Trusted Paraguay and Global Mobile Networks

✈️ Arrive and Go

✈️ Arrive and Go

Our Paraguay eSIMs save you time and hassle when traveling abroad. Get connected instantly without purchasing and activating a physical SIM card, eliminating the need to find a local provider, deal with language barriers, produce documents, or wait in line. Download and activate the eSIM directly from your phone, so you can focus on exploring Paraguay.

⚡️ 4G/5G Speeds

⚡️ 4G/5G Speeds

Get fast and reliable mobile internet in Paraguay with our eSIMs. No more expensive roaming charges or slow international plans. Connect to local networks used by Paraguay residents for lightning-fast download and upload speeds. Stream shows, upload photos, and navigate with ease. Stay connected seamlessly during your Paraguay adventures with our eSIMs.

💸 Save On Roaming Costs

💸 Save On Roaming Costs

Save on expensive roaming charges and stay connected while traveling in Paraguay with our affordable eSIMs. Tailored data plans ensure you only pay for what you need, allowing you to stay in touch with loved ones and colleagues without breaking the bank. Our 24/7 customer support team is always available to assist you with any questions or concerns. Choose our eSIMs for Paraguay and save on your travel expenses.

⏰ Free Up More Of Your Travel Time

⏰ Free Up More Of Your Travel Time

Traveling abroad can be a hassle with the need to switch SIM cards for every new country, which can be costly and confusing. Our eSIMs for Paraguay can solve this problem by being downloaded directly onto your phone and instantly activated upon arrival, providing seamless connectivity throughout your travels without the need for switching SIM cards.

🌱 Easy Way You Can Reduce Plastic

🌱 Easy Way You Can Reduce Plastic

Our eSIMs for Paraguay offer an eco-friendly alternative to traditional physical SIM cards. By downloading directly onto your phone, you can reduce waste from plastic packaging, paper instructions, and physical SIM cards, as well as eliminate the carbon footprint associated with shipping and transportation. Choose our eSIMs for sustainable travel without compromising on connectivity.

Bonjola Paraguay eSIM

Key Features

Prepaid data

Use what you need while you travel. Prepaid bundles from 1GB to 20GB.


Prepaid bundles are valid for 30 days after activation (except for the 1Gb bundle which is valid for 7 days after activation).


3G/4G/5G. Highest speed available in Paraguay. Unthrottled which means your speed won't be reduced as you use up your data.

Prepaid Plan Type

Data Only - you can use all apps including WhatsApp and Facebook to make calls. Keep your existing number. No contract needed, no monthly charge.


Identity verification not required. You can stay anonymous.


Paraguay country-wide.


Bonjola's Paraguay eSIM connects to AMX Paraguay and Telefonica Celular Del Paraguay (Telecel).

Technical requirements

Can only be used with an eSIM compatible device which is unlocked.

Bonjola eSIM Guarantee

Bonjola eSIM Guarantee

We care about your eSIM experience and we want you to feel confident in your purchase. That's why we offer a satisfaction guarantee - if you're not completely satisfied, let us know and we'll make it right for you. We're here to provide you with exceptional eSIM service, and we stand behind our products 100%. So, don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns.

How Bonjola eSIM Works

Get eSIM mobile data anywhere in the world in only a few minutes. We've simplified this for you into 3 easy steps.


Choose your destination and package


Receive and scan your QR code


Activate your eSIM

How Bonjola eSIM Works

What Customers Say About Our eSIMs


Jess B.

Bonjola eSIM customer

Everything about Bonjola was first-class. For my journey to Bali, their eSIM worked magically! No more physical SIM card switching for me. I had a minor hiccup with finding my QR code but their customer support came through quickly and was a minor misunderstanding (was in my spam hehe). I spoke to Stephanie who was very patient and understanding. Stephanie, thank you for your help, tolerance, and above all, the fantastic service you gave me!


John D.

Bonjola eSIM customer

I've used Bonjola eSIMs twice now for trips to Vietnam and Italy. Both times I saved a chunk of time and effort in search of local SIM cards. It’s pretty smooth.


Erin C.

I had a great experience with Bonjola eSIMs. I used their eSIM for my Japan trip. It was my first time trying out eSIM and the tech worked well and was very practical.

The process to purchase and setup was straight forward. When I landed in Thailand, I switched to esim, and it started working immediately. Much less expensive than using roaming. I wholeheartedly endorse Bonjola’s esim and will absolutely use them again for my next trip.


Liv K.

Bonjola eSIM customer

Let me just say that my experience with Bonjola from the time I first ordered an eSIM for Greece to my last trip to Japan could not have been any better. I attribute a big portion to the superb customer care received from Sam the first time. She helped me through a problem with my installation and was able to give me the precise solution I had hoped for. Bonjola is a team that cares about your trip abroad more than simply a mobile SIM card company. And it's wonderful that they have people like Sam who are willing to provide that above-and-beyond service when so many other businesses and their customer service representatives are not!


David S.

Bonjola eSIM customer

I had a great experience with Bonjola eSIMs. I used their eSIM for my Japan trip. It was my first time trying out eSIM and the tech worked well and was very practical.


James A.

Bonjola eSIM customer

Quick and easy. I found my travel country, chose how much data I needed and paid. Received my eSIM QR code near instantly and worked fine my whole trip. A tip that you may want to get a bit more data as I was brushing up close to my total towards the second half of my trip.

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