15 September 2023

Can I Use eSIM When Traveling? Your Go-To Guide for Global Connectivity

Uncover the ins and outs of using eSIM while traveling. Learn how to switch plans, avoid roaming fees, and stay connected globally. Your answer to 'Can I use eSIM when traveling?

Can I Use eSIM When Traveling? Your Go-To Guide for Global Connectivity

You're trying to find your way back to your hotel from a bustling street market in a foreign country. Suddenly, your phone buzzes with a notification. It's a message from your eSIM provider, welcoming you to the country and offering you a data plan tailored to your needs. With just a few taps on your phone, you're connected to the internet, able to use maps, translate languages, and share your incredible travel moments with friends and family back home. Isn't that awesome?

So, if you're ready to unlock a world of seamless connectivity and say goodbye to the hassle of traditional SIM cards, join us on this journey as we explore the benefits, availability, and setup of eSIM for travelers. 

What Is eSIM?

eSIM, short for embedded SIM, is a tiny chip that is built directly into your device, eliminating the need for a physical SIM card.  Unlike traditional SIM cards that require physical swapping, eSIM is built directly into your device, eliminating the need for fumbling with tiny cards or worrying about losing them. 

Now, let's address the burning question on your mind – can you use eSIM when traveling to different countries? The answer is a resounding yes! eSIM is available in a growing number of countries worldwide, making it an ideal solution for globetrotters. 

As you embark on your eSIM journey, you'll come across various providers vying for your attention. While each has its own merits, one name stands out from the crowd – Bonjola. With its seamless setup process, extensive network coverage, and competitive data plans, Bonjola ensures that your travel experience is nothing short of exceptional. 

Benefits of eSIM for Travelers

Flexible Pricing 

Well, for starters, eSIM offers unparalleled flexibility. With a traditional SIM card, you're limited to the network of the country you're in, often leading to exorbitant roaming charges. However, with eSIM, you can effortlessly switch between multiple local networks, ensuring you always have the best coverage and the most affordable data plans. 

Ease of Use 

Since an eSIM is literally embedded within your device, it allows you to switch between multiple mobile network operators without changing the physical SIM card. This helps you focus on what truly matters: your freedom to hop from one country to another. No more fumbling with SIM card trays or worrying about losing your precious card. eSIM offers convenience, simplicity, and peace of mind.


One of the most significant benefits of eSIM is the ability to have multiple phone numbers on a single device. This means you can have both your personal and business numbers on the same phone, eliminating the need to carry multiple devices or constantly swap SIM cards.

Availability of eSIM in Different Countries

One of the biggest concerns of travelers is staying connected on the go. We rely on our smartphones for navigation, communication, and capturing those precious travel moments. As eSIM technology is gaining popularity worldwide, many countries have embraced this convenient solution. 

From the bustling streets of New York City to the serene beaches of Bali, eSIM is becoming increasingly available in various corners of the globe. Whether you're planning a trip to Europe, Asia, or South America, chances are you'll find eSIM options to keep you connected.

Compatible Devices for eSIM

So, you're excited about the possibilities of using eSIM technology while traveling. But before you can start enjoying the benefits, you need to make sure your device is compatible. After all, not all devices are equipped with this cutting-edge technology just yet.

The good news is that eSIM compatibility is becoming increasingly common among smartphones, tablets, and wearables. Many popular brands like Apple, Google, Samsung, and Huawei have started incorporating eSIM functionality into their devices, making it easier than ever to take advantage of this convenient travel companion.

But what if you're not sure if your device supports eSIM? Well, there are a few ways to find out. First, you can check the manufacturer's website or user manual to see if your device is eSIM compatible. Alternatively, you can visit your mobile carrier's website and look for a list of supported devices.

If you're still uncertain, don't worry! Many mobile carriers offer customer support services that can help you determine if your device is eSIM ready. They can guide you through the process of setting up your eSIM and answer any questions you may have along the way.

How to Set up eSIM for Travel

First things first, make sure your device is compatible with eSIM. Most modern smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches support this technology, but it's always good to double-check. Once you've confirmed compatibility, it's time to get started.

Step 1: Research eSIM Availability in Your Destination

Before embarking on your journey, it's crucial to know if eSIM is available in the country you're visiting. While eSIM is becoming increasingly widespread, not all countries have fully adopted this technology. A quick online search or a call to your service provider should provide you with the necessary information.

Step 2: Choose an eSIM Provider

When it comes to selecting an eSIM provider, you have a range of options. Many major telecom companies offer eSIM services, ensuring you'll have reliable connectivity wherever you go. Additionally, there are smaller, specialized providers like Bonjola, which prides itself on offering the best eSIM experience for travelers. With Bonjola, you can enjoy seamless connectivity, affordable data plans, and excellent customer support.

Step 3: Setting Up Your eSIM

Most devices have a built-in eSIM management menu where you can add your eSIM profile. Simply scan the QR code provided by your chosen eSIM provider, and voila! Your device will automatically configure the necessary settings for you.

eSIM Providers for International Travel

eSIM providers are the gatekeepers who will grant you access to global connectivity with just a few taps on your phone.


One of the leading eSIM providers for international travel is GigSky. With their extensive coverage in over 190 countries, GigSky ensures that you stay connected wherever your wanderlust takes you. 


Another popular eSIM provider is Truphone. With Truphone, you can enjoy seamless connectivity in more than 80 countries. Imagine being able to share your incredible travel moments with your loved ones in real-time, without the hassle of searching for local SIM cards or dealing with exorbitant roaming charges.


Ubigi, an eSIM provider powered by Transatel, offers coverage in over 150 countries. Their user-friendly app allows you to manage your eSIM profiles effortlessly and even purchase data plans on the go. So, whether you're hiking through the majestic Swiss Alps or sipping coffee at a quaint café in Paris, Ubigi ensures that you're always connected to the world.

Now, you might be wondering, "How do I choose the right eSIM provider for my travel needs?" Well, it ultimately depends on your destination and the level of coverage you require. Some providers offer better coverage in certain regions, while others may have more competitive pricing plans. Please do your research and read reviews to find the perfect fit for your travel adventures.

Comparing eSIM with Traditional SIM Cards


First, let's talk about convenience. Would you love to stand in a bustling airport, surrounded by impatient travelers, desperately trying to insert a tiny piece of plastic into your phone? Well, with eSIM, those days of fumbling with SIM cards are long gone. No more searching for a paperclip to open that stubborn SIM tray. 


But what about compatibility? Can eSIM keep up with the vast array of devices out there? Of course! eSIM technology is becoming increasingly popular, and more and more devices are embracing it. From the latest iPhone models to Android smartphones and even smartwatches, eSIM is here to stay. 


Traditional SIM cards often come with hefty roaming charges that can put a dent in your travel budget. But with eSIM, you can say goodbye to those outrageous fees. By using local networks, eSIM allows you to enjoy affordable data and call rates wherever you go. 

Tips for Using eSIM While Traveling

Traveling with eSIM technology opens up a world of possibilities and convenience. As you embark on your international adventures, here are some valuable tips to ensure a smooth and seamless experience with your eSIM.

Keep Physical SIM Card as Backup:

While eSIM technology is incredibly reliable, it's always wise to have a backup plan. Keep your physical SIM card handy, just in case you encounter any unforeseen issues with your eSIM. This way, you'll never find yourself disconnected in a foreign land.

Activate eSIM Before Departure: 

To avoid any last-minute hiccups, activate your eSIM before you depart. This will give you ample time to troubleshoot any potential activation issues and ensure that your eSIM is up and running smoothly. Remember, preparation is key to a stress-free travel experience.

Reach Out to eSIM Providers

If you have any questions or concerns about using eSIM while traveling, don't hesitate to reach out to your eSIM provider. They are there to assist you and provide guidance on any technical matters or specific country requirements. Utilize their expertise to make the most of your eSIM.

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