5 January 2023

Download These 12 Apps When You Travel International with Android Phone

Travelers nowadays are more reliant than ever on their mobile devices, both before and during their trips. Now you can travel international with your android phone and turn it into your travel guide. In addition to providing ideas for your next trip, travel apps are a fantastic resource for booking and handling logistics, such as finding a good fitness class or a restaurant near your hotel.

Download These 12 Apps When You Travel International with Android Phone

An upfront note that we have NO affiliation or kickbacks from any of these apps. So, we’re NOT trying to sell you anything – just some handy apps that we found that may help with your upcoming trip.


Travelers nowadays are more reliant than ever on their mobile devices, both before and during their trips. Now you can travel international with your android phone and turn it into your travel guide. In addition to providing ideas for your next trip, travel apps are a fantastic resource for booking and handling logistics, such as finding a good fitness class or a restaurant near your hotel.

Apps that work as travel guides and foreign-language dictionaries, as well as those that assist with last-minute airline adjustments and hotel reservations, have made travel a breeze. Apps may be used for everything from finding your way around a new city to exchanging currencies to helping you pack your bags to perfection. There's an app for just about anything you would want or need on the road.

Mobile phones these days are much more than just calling devices, especially when you travel overseas with your android phone. Why restrict your phone to just a device you can take out of your pocket to check the time when you can download these amazing 12 apps to help you make your trip more convenient?


1. Colibra

Claiming compensation from an airline for a delayed trip is not always easy, as anybody who has tried to do so knows. While various law systems throughout the globe provide certain protections in these situations, enforcing such protections can be time-consuming and occasionally fruitless. In case your departure is delayed by more than an hour for whatever reason (strike, bad weather, etc.), Colibra will compensate you within 24 hours.

Download the Colibra app when you travel international with your android phone and register your flight in advance to get paid. However, the compensation won't be as much as if you did it yourself. You are essentially giving Colibra the right to make the whole claim on your behalf if there is a delay, and regardless of whether they are successful or not, you will receive a payment within 24 hours.

By reducing their share of Colibra's claim, EU laws ensure that passengers with shorter delays may also file compensation claims; these funds come from passengers who have been stranded for more than three hours. A new airline booking option titled "Fly Now, Pay If Okay" became available in November 2021; it allows customers to book flights without paying until after they take off.


2. Framey

Framey is a great alternative to Instagram if you're looking for a photo-centric app to record your memories when you travel international with android phone and spark ideas for future adventures. You can now share your images, tag with specific destinations, and discover inspiration from friends and travel ambassadors/creators all in one place on Framey's feed rather than wasting time scrolling through countless random reels.

You can easily scan your future vacation spot and uncover fast, bite-sized information beneath amazing pictures by using the search tool, or you can browse through "collections" that compile everything in one location.

The app's built-in map function, which pins photographs on an easy-to-use road map, also makes it useful for locating nearby attractions and prime photoshoots while on the road. It's simple to add the places you like most to your own collections, both before and during your journey, so you don't lose track of them.


3. Visited App

VisitedApp is a simple and straightforward tool that helps travelers, who travel international with android phone, keep track of the countries they have visited. It's easy to keep track of the places you've been to by adding them to a list and then seeing either the list or a highlighted map.

You can use Visited App to keep track of the places you've been and the places you want to go by using the inspiration section. It has a Tinder-like system of swiping left or right to indicate whether or not you'd like to add the location to your "wish list." This section doesn't just cover countries but also towns, national parks, and territories, and it has some beautiful photos to get you in the mood.

You can keep track of the locations you've been to and the ones you plan to go to with the help of the many categories for travel. The Premium Pro version allows one to record more specific locations visited, such as cities or regions.


4. Duolingo

Duolingo is, hands up, the most useful app for those who travel international with android phone because it helps overcome the language barrier. You'll be using this application for a long time, and it's easy to see why it was named "Apple iPhone App of the Year" by Apple (yes, we mentioned Apple / iOS – don’t crucify us – it’s only an acknowledgement to how popular Duolingo is Mr. Android Only User).

What makes it so great? Because it’s not just a random collection of words but rather an entire course that can be carried in your pocket. To ensure comprehension, it combines visual and auditory cues and encourages you to examine previously learned material.

Even while you won't learn to speak the language perfectly, you should be able to communicate well enough to get by. They also have a diverse collection of languages.


5. Google Translate

The name Google "Translate" says it all. Google Translate is a must-have when you travel international with android phone. Although it is not a language-learning tool, we find it to be the most beneficial of all the free travel applications.

If you come across any writing that you don't understand but would like to find out, all you have to do is aim your camera in its direction, and you'll instantly be presented with a translation. This is a godsend. Are you uncertain as to what items are available for purchase? Type it up. Want to communicate with a native but don't know much of their language? Give it a chance to speak for itself. It's the greatest invention since, well, bread!


6. CozyCozy

CozyCozy is among the best and latest hotel search engines, and it comes in both app and web-based forms. Popular features include searching not just hotel booking sites but also short-term rental sites like Airbnb and VRBO to present only the o with the lowest price, saving users time and effort when they travel international with android phone.

The ability to refine your search results is fascinating and useful. You might try a search for "camping" or the "Unusual Places" page, both of which can help you uncover fascinating alternatives to the standard hotel. Consider alternative forms of housing, such as treehouses and mountain chalets, as well as more conventional options like renting a houseboat in a marina.

The extra filters, like those for accessibility or free cancellation, are particularly helpful because they mean you just have to search one page, and you don't have to browse into each stay to see if they suit your requirements. Even while CozyCozy is only available in 40 major tourist hotspots at the moment, we anticipate that this will change very soon.


7. Skyscanner

It's no secret that Skyscanner is a useful tool; they've recently revamped their app to include not only airline searches but also car rentals and hotels. Just like a flight search, it will go through all the major providers to get the cheapest price for your chosen dates. This is, in our opinion, the best app for booking flights.

The new "Top Deals" section is especially useful for last-minute vacation planning because it shows you what is reasonably priced and when. When you're open to going to any place, it's hard to beat the 'search everywhere' option for finding cheap tickets. 'Price Alerts' let you know when prices change, and user evaluations of airlines and travel agencies help you make an informed decision.


8. BlaBlaCar

Although some people may be put off by the app BlaBlarCar owing to safety worries, others found it quite useful throughout their trip. This app is useful when you need to get somewhere but can't take the bus because of its location or other factors. It's really a carpooling service, so think of it as a cross between Uber and hitching.

You may find other drivers traveling the same route as you and reserve a seat in their car to travel together; the cost of the journey is often determined by the amount of fuel you use in common.

This is useful for getting from point A to point B, but it's also a great way to meet people on the road. Primarily used in Portugal and Spain but also operational in 22 other countries in Europe and Latin America, BlaBlaCar is life-saving for those who want to travel international with android phone.


9. TransferWise

The TransferWise application has revolutionized the way that money is sent internationally. They have accounts in different countries, so if you wish to move money from Canada to Thailand, for example, you will deposit your funds into their Thai account, and the funds stored in their Canadian account will be transferred to yours. The low prices nearly make this one of the top free travel apps.

This cuts costs and speeds up transfers considerably. With the introduction of their new travel card service, you may now withdraw cash or make purchases abroad at a minimal cost. TransferWise is your best money buddy if you travel international with android phone often.


10. Too Good To Go

This application is excellent, and not only for vacations. As a means of reducing food waste, it allows stores to unload surplus or close to expiring stock at discounted prices. You're not only saving money on delicious food, but you're also doing your part to protect the planet. There are a few ways in which this may be useful for ecotourists who travel international with android phones.

If you are stopping by a place where you will be responsible for preparing your own meals, you may be able to save money by ordering a "magic bag" of discounted produce to have on hand during your stay. Or maybe you're not actually staying at a hotel but would still want a hotel-style buffet breakfast. Then, you may check into adjacent hotels; often, you'll have something to pick up around 11a.m.

If you're willing to dine later than normal, you may save a lot of money by ordering from eateries that are listed on the app and selling their leftovers. As of right now, it's only available in 12 different European nations, but that should change soon.


11. Weather Bug

While many modern smartphones already include basic weather applications, Weather Bug goes above and beyond the norm to become a top choice among weather apps for travelers. Whether you have hay fever and need to check the pollen count or you're a lightning and storm chaser, this tool has you covered.

This weather software will empower your phone with a variety of map views, an extended prediction of up to 18 days, and other useful features so that you can face any situation with confidence.


12. MyTSA

Having MyTSA installed on your mobile device is a must before you take the road. The official TSA app isn't going to win any design awards, but it does have a useful feature: it displays current long waiting times at checkpoints of major airports. And it will be useful in determining how much time you should allocate for travel.

In addition to providing information on how long people have waited in the past, the app also allows you to see how lengthy the security queues are right now based on complaints from the general public. This app is useful for travelers since it allows them to research what they can bring on an airplane, receive real-time support, and learn about the TSA PreCheck program.


Travel internationally with android phone loaded with our 12 suggested travel apps, and you’ll see how useful your smartphone becomes. Our suggested android apps can do everything from asking for a refund on your behalf to finding a new travel companion. We hope even one of these makes your journey a lot more convenient and easy. Peace out!

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