11 September 2023

Unforgettable Solo Travel in Switzerland: Expert Tips & Tricks!

Conquer Switzerland solo with our insider tips. From scenic hikes to city explorations, discover how to make the most of your Swiss journey. Your ultimate guide to solo travel in Switzerland.

Unforgettable Solo Travel in Switzerland: Expert Tips & Tricks!

From the bustling streets of Zurich to the charming villages of the Swiss Alps, solo travel Switzerland offers various opportunities for boundless exploration. Take a leisurely stroll through the picturesque Old Town of Bern, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and discover its hidden gems. Or venture into the Swiss countryside, where you can hike along scenic trails and encounter breathtaking waterfalls. You can actually do anything you please, and this article will show you the how to make the most of your solo travel among the Swiss. 

Safe Solo Travel Destinations in Switzerland

This picturesque country offers numerous safe destinations that are perfect for solo adventurers. From charming cities to serene mountain towns, Switzerland has it all.


One of the safest destinations for solo travelers in Switzerland is Zurich. This vibrant city not only boasts a low crime rate but also provides excellent public transportation, making it easy to explore on your own. You can wander through the charming Old Town, visit world-class museums, or simply relax by the beautiful Lake Zurich.


Another safe and captivating destination is Lucerne. Nestled amidst the stunning Swiss Alps, Lucerne offers a perfect blend of natural beauty and cultural attractions. As a solo traveler, you can take a leisurely stroll across the iconic Chapel Bridge, visit the impressive Lion Monument, or take a boat ride on Lake Lucerne while soaking in the breathtaking scenery.


For those seeking a more off-the-beaten-path experience, consider heading to Interlaken. This small town is a gateway to adventure, with its proximity to the Jungfrau region. As a solo traveler, you can embark on thrilling outdoor activities such as hiking, paragliding, or even skydiving. The friendly locals and well-organized tourism infrastructure ensure a safe and enjoyable experience.


Now, if you're looking for a serene and tranquil escape, the picturesque town of Zermatt should be on your list. Nestled at the foot of the majestic Matterhorn, Zermatt is a car-free village that offers a peaceful atmosphere. As a solo traveler, you can explore the charming streets, indulge in delicious Swiss cuisine, and take in the breathtaking views of the surrounding mountains.

In terms of safety, Switzerland as a whole is known for its efficient public transportation system and well-maintained infrastructure. Whether you're traveling by train, bus, or boat, you can easily navigate the country and reach your desired destinations without any hassle.

Transportation Options for Solo Travelers in Switzerland

The train

The Swiss train network is extensive, covering almost every corner of the country. Whether you're traveling from Zurich to Geneva or exploring the charming alpine villages, hopping on a train is a convenient and scenic way to travel. Plus, with the Swiss Travel Pass, you can enjoy unlimited train rides and even discounts on mountain excursions.

Renting a car 

With well-maintained roads and breathtaking landscapes, driving through Switzerland is an experience in itself. You can stop at hidden gems along the way, take spontaneous detours, and truly immerse yourself in the country's natural beauty. Just keep in mind that parking can be a bit challenging in popular tourist areas, so plan accordingly.

Hopping on a bike

Switzerland is renowned for its cycling routes, offering picturesque trails that wind through the countryside and along stunning lakes. Renting a bike is easy, and you'll have the freedom to pedal at your own pace, stopping whenever and wherever you please. Plus, cycling is a great way to stay active and soak in the fresh Swiss air.

Buses and trams

These options are particularly useful for exploring cities and reaching more remote areas where trains may not go. The Swiss Travel Pass also covers these modes of transportation, making it even more convenient for solo travelers.

Accommodation Suggestions for Solo Travelers in Switzerland

Staying in a youth hostel

These hostels provide a social atmosphere where you can meet fellow travelers from around the world. It's a great opportunity to make new friends and share exciting experiences together. Plus, they are often budget-friendly, making them ideal for solo travelers looking to save some money.

Boutique hotels 

Offering personalized service and exquisite amenities, these hotels are perfect for solo travelers who value comfort and relaxation. Imagine waking up to breathtaking mountain views or indulging in a spa treatment after a day of exploring. 

Staying in a traditional Swiss chalet

Think charming wooden houses scattered throughout the Swiss countryside and providing a cozy and authentic atmosphere. You can wake up to the sound of cowbells, enjoy homemade Swiss cheese for breakfast, and truly immerse yourself in the local culture. 

Popular Attractions for Solo Travelers in Switzerland

The Matterhorn

This iconic mountain peak, standing tall at 4,478 meters, is a sight to behold. As a solo traveler, you can take a cable car ride up to the summit and marvel at the panoramic views of the surrounding Alps. It's a truly awe-inspiring experience that will leave you speechless.

Chillon Castle 

Located on the shores of Lake Geneva, this medieval fortress is a testament to Switzerland's rich history. As you walk through its halls and courtyards, you can't help but imagine the stories of knights and princesses that once lived within its walls. It's a place that will transport you back in time and ignite your imagination.

The Rhine Falls 

As the largest waterfall in Europe, it's a spectacle that will leave you in awe of Mother Nature's power. You can take a boat ride to get up close and personal with the cascading waters, feeling the mist on your face and hearing the roar of the falls. It's an experience that will make you feel alive and connected to the natural world.


How to Save Money During Solo Travel in Switzerland

Exploring the breathtaking landscapes and vibrant cities of Switzerland doesn't have to break the bank. In fact, with a little bit of planning and some insider knowledge, you can experience this beautiful country on a budget. 

Use public transport

The Swiss Travel Pass, for example, offers unlimited travel on trains, buses, and boats throughout the country, allowing you to easily explore different regions without worrying about individual ticket costs. Plus, the pass also includes free admission to many popular attractions, making it a great value for budget-conscious travelers.

Take shelter on a budget

Hostels are a popular choice among solo travelers, providing a social atmosphere and affordable rates. Many hostels also offer private rooms, giving you the option to have your own space while still enjoying the benefits of a communal environment. Additionally, you can consider staying in budget-friendly hotels or even renting a room or apartment through platforms like Airbnb.

Double down on local food

Switzerland is known for its delicious cheeses, chocolates, and fresh produce, and buying ingredients to prepare your own meals can be a fun and cost-effective way to eat during your trip. Of course, indulging in a Swiss fondue or trying a famous Swiss chocolate is a must, but balancing it with self-prepared meals can help keep your budget in check.

Take advantage of free or discounted activities

Many cities in Switzerland offer free walking tours, where you can explore the city's highlights while learning about its history and culture from knowledgeable guides. Additionally, keep an eye out for free museum days or discounted entrance fees for solo travelers. 

Challenges and Considerations for Solo Travelers in Switzerland

Traveling solo in Switzerland can be an exhilarating and rewarding experience, but it's not all cheese and crackers. You may run into any of these hiccups: 

Inability to communicate with the locals

One of the main challenges for solo travelers in Switzerland is the language barrier. While English is widely spoken in tourist areas, venturing off the beaten path may require some knowledge of German, French, or Italian, depending on the region you're in. It's always a good idea to learn a few basic phrases in the local language to help navigate your way around and interact with locals.

Having to pay too much to get anywhere

Another consideration is the cost of traveling in Switzerland. The country is known for its high cost of living, and this can extend to accommodation, transportation, and dining. Keep an eye out for budget-friendly options. Consider staying in hostels or guesthouses, taking advantage of public transportation passes, and exploring local markets for affordable meals.

Watching your own back

Safety is always a concern for solo travelers, and while Switzerland is generally safe, it's still important to take precautions. Be mindful of your surroundings, especially in crowded tourist areas, and keep your belongings secure. It's also a good idea to inform someone back home of your travel plans and check in with them regularly.

Unfriendly weather

Weather conditions can pose challenges for solo travelers in Switzerland. The country experiences a range of climates, from snow-capped mountains to sunny lakeside towns. It's important to pack accordingly and be prepared for changing weather conditions. Check the weather forecast before heading out and make sure to have appropriate clothing and gear for outdoor activities.

Should You Use eSIMs in Switzerland?

In this digital age, staying connected while traveling has become a necessity. As a solo traveler in Switzerland, having a reliable and convenient way to access the internet and make calls can greatly enhance your overall experience. This is where eSIMs come into play.

Now, you might be wondering, what exactly is an eSIM? Well, think of it as a virtual SIM card that allows you to connect to a mobile network without the need for a physical SIM card. It's like having a Swiss army knife for your communication needs!

With an eSIM, you can easily switch between different mobile networks, ensuring that you always have the best coverage and rates wherever you go. Not only do eSIMs provide convenience and flexibility, but they also save you precious time, as you can easily set up your connection before you even touch down.

And if you're looking for the best eSIM provider to stay connected during your solo travels, look no further than Bonjola. With its seamless setup and reliable coverage, Bonjola offers the perfect solution for staying connected while exploring Switzerland.

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