27 March 2023

How do I remove an eSIM

First we need to make sure removing an eSIM is the right option for you. Then with a few steps removing an eSIM is simple.

Important Notes

  • Deactivating or disabling an eSIM will not extend the validity of the eSIM.

  • eSIMs can only be installed once so if you remove an eSIM, you will NOT be able to reinstall it.



When Can I Remove an eSIM?

Before removing your eSIM, please consider if it’s the right time for you.

When it comes to removing an eSIM, you should do this when:

  • You don’t intend to use it again.

  • There is no data left on the eSIM or there is no active data plan/package.

  • You buy a new eSIM for the same region.


If you would like to remove an eSIM that is no longer required, this post walks you through the steps on how to do so.



Apple Devices

To erase your eSIM on an Apple or iPhone device:

1.    Go to Settings.

2.    Tap either Cellular or Mobile Data.

3.    Tap the plan you want to erase.

4.    Tap Delete eSIM.



Android Devices

To delete an eSIM on from your Android, follow these steps:

1.    Open your mobile device's settings app.

2.    Tap Network and Internet. Mobile network.

3.    Select the eSIM that you want to delete.

4.    Tap Delete SIM.

Remember you can also temporarily disable an eSIM if you intend to use it again.

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